How I’m Feeling Right Now

Not sure what has come over me this afternoon but that desire to just quit is completely overwhelming. So I’ve walked. And I’ve tried to see the beauty in the things around me. And I’ve listening to beautiful music. And I’ve read inspiring words.
I’m trying but it seems so impossible to keep moving forward – or even moving at all – when it hits and I can’t identify why.
This battle is hard. This battle that happens over and over again.
This battle taking place inside the deepest darkest corners of my brain. The place where the monsters and the gremlins and the terrible memories hide. The place where life torments me and reminds me of the terrible things that can happen to the most innocent pieces of your soul. The place where I feel like I have been permanently broken into a million shards of glass and there isn’t any possible way to put them back together again.
But I keep trying to put all the pieces back together. I keep trying and trying and trying but they crumble apart over and over. The way sandcastles crumble.
It’s like trying to fill a bucket with water when it has a hole in it. It doesn’t matter how much or how quickly you dump the water in, it will never be full. It will always keep emptying.
There are brief moments when I get to feel the warmth. The sunshine of my authentic self breaking through the darkness. The joy of being artistic and confident and happy and free. Those moments are precious. And I don’t know if anyone realizes just how few of those genuine moments I get.
I don’t know if anyone truly understands how often that small girl with the blonde hair and the bright eyes gets bullied into the dark by the gremlins who speak such terrible words to her. The ones that make her believe she is dirty and bad and stupid and hopeless and not worthy of love. That she deserves pain and loneliness and sadness.
Doesn’t anyone see how often she finds a dark closet in my head and curls into a ball and hides with her hands over her ears to try to block out the noise. To block out the memories. To block out the hurt. To block out the world and to just disappear.
I just want to disappear.

2 thoughts on “How I’m Feeling Right Now

  1. Nope. No quitting or disappearing. Not acceptable right now. You have a new blog, a new group of people who get you, a new support system. I can already see you are talented. You are a writer and that is a talent we are going to help nurture.


  2. The battle is hard and it sucks. But you can do it! When the gremlins are being assholes in your head, reach out and I’ll be here to remind you that they are nothing but liars and jerks. I understand how you are feeling when this happens; please find comfort in knowing that you are not alone.


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